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While all of New World’s students are extremely talented, not all of them have the opportunities and resources necessary to make the most of their talents in the real world. Not all of them are the great success stories that their immense talents warrant.

That’s where we come in.

The NWSA Alumni Foundation’s primary mission is to help support the creative and business pursuits of NWSA alumni.

We do so not only by providing funds to worthwhile alumni projects, but also by creating mentoring, networking and internship opportunities for NWSA alums in their chosen fields.

By uniting the talents of this incredible community, New World alumni can work together to create further unparalleled accomplishments in the arts, helping to contribute to the world through their chosen art forms.

In addition, the Alumni Foundation gives back to the school itself. We provide a portion of our funds to help support school needs. We arrange for alumni to sponsor student performances and exhibitions. And, we coordinate opportunities for alumni to return to the school and to lead master classes and workshops for the students.

Our overall mission is simple: to help support the next generation of emerging NWSA artists as they seek to grow in their talents and to make their mark on the worlds of the arts and entertainment.